The Irish Branch of the JST

The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is a unique UK based charity that promotes the integration of people - able bodied and physically

disabled  - through the challenge and adventure of  Tall Ship Sailing.

The JST is a registered charity that owns and operates Lord Nelson and Tenacious, the only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals.

Experience the Irish and UK coastline; sail around the Canary Islands; cross the Atlantic to enjoy the Caribbean - with the JST you can do it all. Many Irish people have taken on the challenge and sailed with the JST.  
The Jubilee Sailing Trust has been accredited by :
Silver Award-Adventure Section
Gold Award-Residential Section
Take on the Tall Ship challenge.
JST Office: Hazel Road, Woolston, Southhamton, S019 7GB T:+44(0)870445781 F:+44(0)870445782

Transition Year on the high seas- ending the year with a Spash!!

Transition Year Students on the

high sea.

Here you can find out where Lord Nelson & Tenacious are sailing.

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The Ultimate Transition Year Tall Ships Sailing Adventure.

Learn how to set & stow sails, brace the yards, learn how to helm.

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